Wedding Stories - Winter

This is the content for the wedding stories of the winter.

The Aldridge's Story!
How Did You Meet?: We met when we were 17, in high school.

How Did He/She Propose?: We were getting ready for bed. I have trouble sleeping, so was taking a sleep vitamin. He started to propose...well, it ended up being a very lengthy speech which I struggled to stay awake for. It was a beautiful talk about when we first met and ended where we are now....I made it to the end, but barely, when he presented a beautiful ring.

Comments About Oak Crest Cottages/Your Wedding: This has been an amazing experience! I absolutely fell in love with this entire town and the treehouse! I/we cannot wait to come back!
The Baker's Story!
How did you meet?: We met when we were teenagers. We ran around together as friends. Later we married other people, had kids, both divorced after 20-year marriages. We reconnected about three years ago, became friends again, started dating a year later, and now married two years later!

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Your Wedding: The Cottages were super neat, very clean. Everyone was very friendly. Our wedding was perfect. The Chapel was adorable!
The Dawson's Story!
Johnny & I met over the internet. We actually had our first date a year ago today, Feburary 14, 2009. Johnny says that she was and still is the most beautiful woman!

All their dates are full of comedic commentary by Johnny, or in Angie's words "lame" comedic commentary. Now the way Angie tells it, she is the funny one, Johnny is such a competitor.

We had just gotten home from the gym. We were having a conversation about life, love, etc. Johnny got down on one knee and proposed. Johnny says...She fell for it!!! And I am so happy she did.

Comments about Eureka Springs Treehouses:
"There is not enough space here to write how pleased we are with everything: the room, the ceremony, the very hospitable ownership. It's beyond what we expected. Thank you for making our day so special.
Jon & Angie Dawson - Ft. Worth, TX
The Dill's Story!
Mark & Jennifer met thru the internet.
Upon meeting they could barely stay apart for an entire day.
Mark proposed in Jennifer's living room.

Comments about Oak Crest:
"We had a wonderful time! Loved the wedding ceremony. The treehouses are just beautiful. We will tell all our friends."
Mark & Jennifer Dill - Edmond, OK
The Foster's Story!
Ali and David met 4 years ago when they both worked at the YMCA in Norman, OK.

Thank you guys for making our wedding day and the whole experience a special time! We really enjoyed our time in Eureka Springs and even though it was cool and rainy while we were there, the treehouse was exactly what we needed - calm and relaxing! We had a great time and felt as if we had the town to ourselves as we had never been there in the "offseason". Thanks again and we look forward to coming back soon!

The Gorman's Story!
Leslie posted an ad on Craigslist for someone to take her skiing. I answered her ad but was in the middle of some projects and couldn't really meet her for a couple weeks. We talked several times before we met but nothing exciting. Kept getting cut off. Phones were staticy. We met for pizza & zoo lites and ...woohoo...lucky me, went skiing the next date and the third date she tore her ACL while skiing.

Lloyd picked out what he thought would be a great pizza place for the 1st date. He loves pizza but little did he know I had already been there on 2 other dates that week. I didn't have the heart to tell him zoo lites were wonderful. Tore my ACL 2nd trip skiing so when we went to Hawaii hiking he had to help me up & down the mountain. I wore a brace the 1st 6 months we dated.

We were in Aberdeen WA in a coffee shop talking about how great our relationship was/is and he said "So does that mean you would want to spend the rest of your life with me?" And he pulled out a ring.

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouses/Your Wedding, etc... "Very nice, comfortable, great atmosphere."
The Gorton's Story!
Our Story:
Seth and I met when his mother decided to do a little matchmaking. We met on a blind date set up and hosted by his mother. There is quite a bit of age difference - she lied about the differences to both of us but by the time we found out the truth, we were already head over heels! It was certainly a different way to meet!

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages:
"Thank you for hosting us. We had such fun. We will be returning again in May!! You both were the perfect hosts!!"
Jen & Seth - Monroe, LA

The Hicks's Story!
How did you meet?: We met at Mayva's job; she worked at a convenience store where Mark became a very regular customer.

Funny dating story: We went to a '38 Special' concert and watched the grandmother in our row rock-out more than any 'younger' person ever thought about. We even helped her find her glasses that she lost while dirty dancing. It was fun and unforgettable.

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Your Wedding: We loved everything. The new decorations in the Mountain Chalet, added after we booked, made it even more special. We look forward to booking our anniversary celebrations here as well!
The Kirley's Story!
Bernie and I met playing an MMO, Lord of the Rings Online. We had an alliance kin we were both part of and talked to each other on occasion. He was really down one day and I sent him an instant message to try and help him through things, and we really got to know each other and fell in love. Before we even saw what the other looked like we knew we wanted to be together, our souls just connected.

The night he drove down from Pennsylvania to see me in Oklahoma I couldn't sleep at all! I was so excited and nervous. He told me then on our first date he was going to put a ring on my finger & 9 mos later he did!

After moving down here he proposed to me last fall. He drove me out (blindfolded) to a secluded area and walked me to a wooden fence. When I took off the blindfold I saw a beautiful view of a lake and trees and Bernie down on one knee. He's such a romantic.

This was his first trip ever to Eureka Springs, as beautiful he thought it was I told him its nothing in comparison to spring and fall when everything is in bloom and full of color. We have never stayed here at the Oak Crest, but we both loved it so much and we plan on coming back to Oak Crest each time we visit Eureka Springs. Thank you Don and Elaine for our sweet wedding, your hospitality, and the memories we will always have of our special day thanks to the photos you took.
The Lester's Story!
Marlin and I met at the apartment complex where I was the leasing agent he was a resident !! He came into the office and he said he knew from the moment he saw me it was love at first sight!! And it was!! 6 months later we were engaged!!

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages: Candice and Gary did a great job making our special day perfect. We loved our tree house!! We will forever remember this special day!! Thank you!!

Christi & Marlin Lester
The Lowe's Story!
These two met at a Drive-In Theatre when Crystal's car broke down.
Note from Elaine-
Now what are the odds of that...
You just never know when you are going to meet that someone special...

Comments about Oak Crest:
"Oak Crest Cottages are amazing. The picnic we came back to was much more than a picnic! It was a wonderful dinner, quite amazing! Everything was set up very beautiful with candles and rose petals.
We can't wait to come back for our Anniversary!
David & Crystal Lowe - Blue Springs, MO
The Marks Story!
How we met was actually on the internet. He became my best friend and we spoke everyday.
Funny dating story is when we took a 6 hour road trip with my 2 kids and my brother to my sister's wedding. We still laugh that my brother was a drowsy driver like Clarke Griswold in the Vacation movies.
How he proposed...we are both 40ish so when you know, you know and we discussed getting married a few times and I booked our OakCrest experience. He took his time providing me with an engagement ring because he wanted me to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. I wanted a meaningful ring. I chose a pearl ring because it was Mike's birthstone. He got me the most perfect, elegant, and simply beautiful pearl ring. He got on one knee and everything to give it to me.
Our wedding day was made wonderful by OakCrest! I would recommend OakCrest for any couple who wants a small and romantic wedding!!
The Moss Story!
How Did You Meet?
We first met playing ball together when we were young. As we go older we stayed good friends, it wasn't until high school we reunited as high school sweethearts. We continued to date after high school got married in 1994 the first time and had a little girl which is now going to be a mother herself with our beautiful grand daughter. But after Randy and I was married as young parents we struggled with our marriage and decided to go our separate ways.

Funny Dating Story?
We both was remarried and continued to stay in touch only to have that bond with our grand daughter as the years (20 to be exact) went by I myself found that I still was in love with Randy and he was still in love with me. The funny part of this was when our daughter invited both of us to dinner and Christmas Eve gathering that our daughter was the one who reconnected us after all those years and we are so thankful and blessed that she did that.

How Did He/She Propose?
Well I was mad at him at the time of the proposal so I went to the house that we were buying at the time to get a few things that was left by the seller. As I was moving the boxes out I came back into the house to find him on one knee with the ring out and he told me that he loved me and matter my answer that day he was going to marry me and we have not been apart since.

Comments About Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouses/Your Wedding etc...
We have had an amazing and wonderful time here at Oak Crest Cottages, we have experienced the snow which was beautiful and being from Louisiana we don't see that often. The wedding was very beautiful and amazing the romantic set up in the room after dinner was so beautiful and I would love to take this time to thank the minister and the photographer that witness our beautiful wedding. The lady at the desk when we checked in was extremely helpful and very nice and sweet. Thank you all for the humble and kind welcome. Randy and I will definitely be back to Eureka Springs, to tour the city that we didn't get to thank you so much.

Dwana and Randy Moss
The Newkirk's Story!
Thank you.
You guys were awesome. Thank you for making our day so special...
Trish & Dale
The Ogden Story!
How did you meet?
We both work at AG processing in St. Joseph. We took notice of one another in early 2010.

Funny Dating Story?
Our first date was pretty funny. My 2 youngest sons were making fun of Robs old white Ford truck. We went to the movies and afterwards Rob asked if I wanted to get some ice cream.

How did he/she propose?
Rob got on 1 knee in the parking lot of McDonlad's on October 19th. I said yes and we started making plans. Rob actually picked this place. It was awesome!

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages/Eurekas Springs Treehouses/Your Wedding etc...
We were very pleased with everything! The room was totally awesome! We can't wait to come back on our anniversary! Thanks so much for making our stay fantastic!
The Powell's Story!
We can not tell you with words how wonderful our experience was at your cottages! The treehouse was absolutely perfect, it was romantic and relaxing. After returning home on Saturday it was just a few hours before we decided we wanted to be back at the cottage. The ceremony was exactly what we wanted, short, sweet and intimate, Don did a wonderful job! Elaine you did an awesome job on the pictures, we have enjoyed sharing them with our friends and family.

Thank you so much for helping make our wedding special...
We hope to come back and visit again as soon as we can."
T.J. and Kelie Powell

The Rogers's Story!
Thank you so much, you made everything perfect!
The Sullivan's Story!
How we met:

We met at a movie theatre in Nevada Mo. We lived 150 miles apart, but we didn't want to leave each other.

Dating Story:

We were in Cocoa Beach Florida. Linda was worried about the riptides. She was laying three feet from the edge of the water when she felt like she was being pulled out. She yelled "help me it's pulling me out!" My response was "stand up!" We laughed so much, but we realized it could have been really dangerous.

The Proposal:

I proposed to Linda at the Plaza in Kansas City where we had our first kiss. I wrote on one of our pictures from our trip "will you marry me?" She said yes!

Comments about Oak Crest:

We loved our Treehouse, the view and the staff was great! The place was so romantic and very well worth what we paid.

We want to build our own Treehouse!
The Taylor's Story!
We have known each other since I was 6 and he was 10. We have always been the best of friends, and always hoped that one day we'd get married. Our dreams finally came true. We can't wait to spend forever together! Thank you for making our special day, and our stay with you, so amazing! We absolutely loved our stay in the Treehouse. All of the little touches, such as the thank-you card, rose and rose petals made this an unforgettable stay. We would recommend Oak Crest to anyone. Can't wait to come back!
The Taylor's Story!
Jesse & Charolette met at work and it was an instant connection.
The Proposal:
These two were shopping and Jesse stopped in the middle of the aisle and said, "Would you like to be my wife?"
Comments about Oak Crest:
"Breathtaking like it was made just for us. We were welcomed with open loving arms. You just can't beat this, it was AWESOME!!!"
The Troyer's Story!
Don and Elaine made us feel like our wedding was special and unique. The Chateau Treehouse is very romantic and private. We had a wonderful stay and plan to return for our anniversary. Thank-you so very much Elaine and Don.
Dean & Rebecca Troyer - Kansas City, MO

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