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The Alonzo's Story!
We have a daughter named Addison who, at the time, was six months old. I was doing the dishes and I heard Adam say 'momma'. I turned around and Adam was holding Addison, and he was on one knee and said, like he was Addison, 'My daddy wants to know if you will marry him'. It was so sweet, incorporating our daughter in the proposal.

Our stay was wonderful! We could not have asked for a more perfect wedding. Oakcrest Cottages & Treehouses
took care of everything. It was stress-free. This was the best wedding spot we could have asked for. Don is amazing. With lots of love, the Alonzos.
The Boland's Story!
Thank you so much,
When we decided to elope, the question was where? Knowing that Eureka Springs was a popular destination for this, we began nosing around on line. Immediately we were taken in by the thought of staying in a treehouse at Oak Crest Cottages. From the first moment we contacted them until we drove away a happily married couple, their helpfulness and attention to detail was nothing short of amazing.

They literally handled everything! Although the sign said "no vacancy", throughout most of our stay we felt as if we were the only people around for miles. We bounced between the room and downtown frequently and with ease. One word to describe our trip and the town of Eureka Springs, ENCHANTING! We would recommend Oak Crest Cottages to anyone looking for a laid back and unforgettable experience.

Jason and Mandy Boland
The Coppenbarger's Story!
Jamie & Tina met 8 years ago at a mutual friend's college graduation party. They became friends and then started dating.

Jamie proposed on Tina's birthday at her mom's house in the presence of her family.

Comments about Oak Crest:
"Everything was perfect! Elaine and Don have such an attention to detail. Our experience far exceeded our expectations."

The Crane's Story!
Thank You so much for all that you did our wedding, it was great. We had so much fun. The chapel was great and so pretty. I love all the pictures you took they looked so great everyone has just loved them. The stay there was so relaxing and such a great get away. Our friends loved the stay also we all needed the get away, my friends mom pasted away a couple months ago 2 days before there 10 yr anniversay so they needed that time away also. Thank you all it was a wounderful weekend we will never forget.

Jamie & Travis
The Hollowell's Story!
Scott & Jodi lived in the same apartment complex. She would always see Scott outside and think he was so cute. He must have been thinking the same thing because one day on Jodi's car window under the wiper was a note that said, "Around the way" with his phone number.

After about the first month of them dating. Scott got a job in Springfield, MO. They lived in Tulsa.
Jodi would drive six hours there both ways, just to spend an hour with him having breakfast and seeing his beautiful smile.

These two had been married to each other once before and got a divorce. Once divorced they realized that they couldn't be without each other. This time Jody asked Scott to "Marry all over" and he said yes!!

Comments about Oak Crest:
"We have stayed many, many place in Eureka. We always like to try somewhere different each visit. That tradition has ended. We love the New York Treehouse and will be staying here everytime we return to Eureka!!! The New York has just become our second home."
Scott & Jodi Hollowell - Tulsa, OK

The House Story!
How did you meet?
I was walking my dog, I had just found out I was going to be a grandma and been divorced 6 years and he had been divorced a year and we lived in the same apartment complex. I never seen him until that day when he was outside with a mutual friend, after that our friend blew my phone up asking me about Bruce, said he was one of the nicest guys etc. the funny thing is was my son going into his freshman year of college hung out with his daughter for a summer back in 2004 and i met her dad in 2010 never knew she belonged to him!

Funny dating story?
We are still dating its never quit!

How did he/she purpose?
For 6 1/2 years we bought our home vehicles,etc we even went as far to have a will drawn up incase anything happens to him that i would have our place business/home . We were never getting married. We started dating...went from dating 1st night and never been apart! We never wanted to marry again! Never....and in 2016 December 22 he proposed!

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages:
Loved it! We thought that we were getting the Treehouse in the back , but the red cabin was more than we expected! It was beautiful. Thank You again!
The Kirkland's Story!
Jon and I met in April 2007 on an internet dating site. He contacted me first via e-mail and we have been together ever since we both knew within a few weeks that this was a very true, real & deep relationship that was developing. It was a real life love at first site.

I asked Jon put one night when my girlfriend and I were going out. We had planned on a date for that following Wednesday but I couldn't wait! so I called him on the Saturday before our scheduled date and asked him to meet me. He was a little shocked and surprised that I had called to ask him out! My friend & I got lost and John had to get me directions-he finally just asked me what street I was on and if could see "the golden arches" and had me go there to wait on him. We ended up riding his motorcycle all night and talking while he paraded me around town showing off to his buddies. After a long night, he kissed me on my forehead and I melted!!!

One day while we were out shopping and running errands Jon casually took me into a jewelry store and bought me a promise ring. When we got in the car to leave he took the ring out and told me he know it wasn't the most romantic way to ask but..."Stephanie, will you marry me and continue making me the happiest man alive?" Of coarse I said yes!!! To this day, and especially on our wedding day, whenever he looks at me I just melt!! We are so compatable and I can't wait to share the rest of our lives together.

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages:
Dawn and Ben, we would like to say THANK YOU both SO much for making our wedding just the way we wanted it to be.... Very intimate and special! I couldn't have asked for any more on our wedding day. The romance package was beautiful! we will never forget our wedding and the memories we made there! Thank you for being a part of the start of our lives as husband and wife!We look forward to visiting again real soon! Thank you both again from the bottom of our hearts! Stephanie and Jon Kirkland

The Langston's Story!
They met at work and originally were not interested in each other. They slowly developed a friendship and one day realized that their feelings had evolved into a much deeper and meaningful stage.

Renee was leaving for a business trip and Travis felt the need to ask for her hand in marriage prior to Renee leaving the state. Travis asked her in the parking lot of their work and presented a gift wrapped velvet box. Renee was so emotionally it took awhile for her to reply with the obvious answer YES! Due to how the relationship originated the setting for the proposal was perfect.

Comments aoubt Oak Crest Cottages:
We enjoyed staying in the Sedona Cottage. Everything from the room, to the people, to the tub, to the ceremony was more then we could have expected. thank you for helping to ensure our special day was just that.
The Leatherman's Story!
"Thank you so much for the wounderful wedding,the kind words,the care taken to give us a special day,we could have not ask for more,thank you again!!"
Pam and Ken

The Lee's Story!
Thank You so much for everything! Our wedding turned out beautiful! You were both amazing and we are so glad we chose your place to stay. You have a beautiful place!
The Masters's Story!
Craig & Lissa met on a blind date at Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City, OK. They hit it off and continued their date the OKC Bombing Memorial, then to the park by Tinker Air Force Base. They have been together ever since.

When it came time for Craig to "Pop" the question, they went to dinner and a movie and then drove to Lake Hefner. Yes he got down on one knee and asked Lissa to be his wife. As she is crying...she manages to get "Yes" out!

Comments about Oak Crest:
"Don & Elaine made our experience wonderful. You can see thejoy in their faces as you are married here. The room was great, nice & clean. The service was wonderful. The pictures were amazing. I felt like a princess." Thank you!
Craig & Lissa Masters - OKC, OK
The McCluskey's Story!
Thank you so much for everything. The cottage was wonderful! You all were a pleasure to be around and you made the wedding very stress free which is a blessing for everyone!
Again, thank you for everything you two are amazing.
God bless,
The Miller's Story!
I met Brook where she works at Chili's. I was sitting at the bar & she was the waitress. Someone I was associated with that worked there went up to her & said I wanted to talk to her, (even though I didn't.) So then she asked me how I was doing & I was amazed at her beauty & asked for her number. Then we started hanging out & have been happily together ever since.

Brook & Michael share a funny story, that they will never forget:
It was our 1st Christmas together & we just got done decorating on Christmas Eve. It was about 1AM & we went to take out the trash. We shut the door behind us & when we went to go back in the door was locked!!! We went to our neighbors house, who were sleeping & asked to use their phone to call my grandfather so he could bring us a key. He didn't have it, my brother did! So my grandfather had to go to my brothers house at 2AM to get the key. Then he came & let us in around 2:30AM. We couldn't believe what had just happened.
Needless to say, we had the best Christmas of our lives that day.

The Romantic Proposal:
I got a ring, a shoebox, candles, roses and hand wrote a love poem. She was at work all night. I set up a path of rose petals going from the front door to our bedroom. On the bed was the shoe box with the love poem sitting on top surrounded by rose petals shaped as a heart.
She came home & music was playing, (she thought I was just being sweet) she walked into our bedroom following the rose petals. She read the poem, then opened up the shoebox and there was an empty ring box. She turned around & I got down on one knee & asked her to marry me. She said Yes, obviously! (Note from Elaine... What a wonderful memory...)

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages & Treehouses:
"I definately would recommend this place to others. Everyone is so nice & what a beautiful setup here. We appreciate all you guys have done for us during our stay at Oak Crest.
See you guys in the future.
Michael & Brook Miller
The Morse's Story!
How did you meet?
Bob and I went to school together , He was one year younger. We didn't have the same friend groups though.Two and a half years ago a friend of mine set us up on a date .....the rest is history!

Funny dating Story?
Well, there are many funny stories as I have 3 children and 2 dogs. Bob had a dog as well, Elsa a German Shepherd. On my first visit to Bobs house Elsa ran out to greet me ...or so i thought! She actually bit me in the thigh leaving a pineapple sized bruise. That could of changed everything but it didn't! We are all one big Happy family now!

How did he propose?
Bob travels a lot for his job. Prior to one week away we had talked about planning our summer vacation. While away , Bob texted and asked me to start coming up with vacation ideas a few days later he texted " look for places to visit on the bike , and while your doing that find one where we can get married as well!"

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages:
Our Wedding was VERY nice! Oak Crest went above and beyond our expectations! The attention to detail made it so Special. The cake was DELICIOUS!
The Porrata's Story!
Tony & I met a local sports bar in 2002. He was with some friends as was I and he approsed me. The rest is history! Tony knows one of my favorite musicians is Alan Jackson. He was touring and coming thru a town in Oklahoma about an hour from us in texas. Tony contacted the tour manager and told what he was up too. We eneded up with front row seats, Tony propesed and the whole thing was caught on camera and broadcast to the whole concert.

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages:
We really enjoyed our wedding at Oak Crest. The thought and care you put into making it special for us was wonderful. We will be back to visit. Tony & Trece Porrata.
The Robinson's Story!
Ron & Patty met on Yahoo Personals. After months and months of their individual families harping and harping at them for not ever going anywhere or doing anything.
For these two it was love at first sight!

Funny Dating Story:
While having a somewhat serious conversation, Patty realized that Ron did not have his glasses on. So she asked Ron if he could see her. Upon Ron's response that, yes he could see her; Patty immediately put her nose to Ron's nose and asked Ron if he could see her now.
Both laughed uncontrollably until their sides hurt and the tears were rolling!

The Proposal - Third time is the Charm!
Ron actually proposed to Patty three times.
The first time Ron asked Patty if she loved him enough to spend the rest of her life with him.
The second time was when Ron got down on one knee, six days later and asked Patty to marry him.
The third time was sixteen days later, when he placed an engagement ring on her finger.

Comments about Oak Crest:
"Our Wedding was in a beautiful setting. The ceremony was inspirational, touching and beautifully worded. Don and Elaine were awesome, as they were there to assist us in making our wedding a blessed day!
Our cottage was terrific! Very relaxing, comfortable and peaceful!..."
Ron & Patty Robison - Broken Arrow, OK

The Rogers's Story!
Tres & Melynda met at work with the help of a friend.
Tres got Melynda's phone number from her friend at work, but when Tres put the number in his phone he put one digit wrong. One day he finally got the nerve to call her and instead of Melynda picking up the phone a group of guys were on the other line. He finally got the right number and they started dating a month later.
Tres & Melynda planned to go to Branson for her birthday. Since she had never been and she had no idea he was planning on proposing it turned out to be a very special trip. He got down on one knee and popped the question and she said "Of course!"

Comments about Oak Crest:
"WOW! This place was amazing. Don & Elaine were wonderful, helpful and very nice. I could not have dreamed of a better ceremony and the view was great. We also took the carriage ride and that was icing on the cake."
Tres & Melynda Rogers - Roland, OK

The Rose Story!
How did you meet?
We actually met on a dating app called POF. Plenty of Fish, met on mothers day!

Funny dating story?
We do not get much time together as we work a lot. On the day of our wedding he took me to Lake Leatherwood park and we went fishing for my first time. My first cast , i got an 11 inch fish , I'm not sure what kind it was though! He now has me hooked with him. After releasing the fish i went to cast and hooked his shirt.

How did he /she propose?
He told me he was not letting another minute pass and dropped to his knee and proposed with a ring he bought for himself to remind him to stay pure until he found the right girl!

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages:
We will be back for our anniversaries. Very polite sweet staff, helpful, loved the map and recommendations. Close to downtown and we loved the decor in the room. We were not expecting our room to be cleaned and made up when we got back from wedding dinner. Love ALL YALL! Thanks for making our day special!
The Scott's Story!
Now, this story is going to sound alittle strange, but how this all happened was that Jeff & Jen's Moms were friends. Jen was born and then 7 months later Jeff was born and Jen's Mom was there with her baby Jen.

Jeff & Jen met the day Jeff was born and fell in love twenty years later when they reunited at Jen's parents house. They shook hands & connected. Both knew at that moment that they should spend the rest of their lives together.

Comments about Oak Crest:
"It was very magical. It was our dream wedding. Thank you for all the special touches. We had such a magical time."
Jeff & Jen Scott - Battlefield, MO

The Sturgeon's Story!
The way Charles and I met was rather interesting. I had called Charles' cell phone looking for a friend of ours. At the time, Charles and I had never even spoken to each other. (I had Charles' number because our friend, Ivan had called me from Charles' phone before.) I was needing to get a hold of our friend, but couldn't reach him on his phone, so I tried calling him on Charles' phone. When Charles answered I apologized for calling him, and told him I hoped I wasn't bothering him, but that I was looking for Ivan, and was wondering if he was with Charles. He wasn't with him at the time, but said he would have Ivan call me. He also said that I wasn't bothering him, and that I could call anytime. It just so happened that I did in fact call him a few more times looking for Ivan, by that time we started becoming "phone friends". We "clicked" so well over the phone. Eventually Charles asked me if I wanted to meet sometime, and go to dinner. We arranged for that to happen. Two years later we were married.
(God works in mysterious ways, doesn't he?)

Oak Crest is everything and more that we hoped for! It is, without a shadow of a doubt, the absolute best choice for lovers. Whether you are getting married, celebrating an anniversary, vow renewal, etc., Oak Crest is the most romantic adventure you could ever imagine. The Mountain Chalet honeymoon cottage was so romantic and peaceful. Our wedding ceremony was wonderful. And last but certainly not least, Dawn is an excellent photographer!!! God bless all of you at Oak Crest Cottages and Treehouses. We WILL be returning for years to come.
The Thompson's Story!
Our first real date, Bridget wanted to drive around the rural country roads and stop at a really great resturant in a very small town. Bridget changed her mind and we went to "Subway" instead. Now we both acknowledge "Subway" as the most romantic place on earth.

I was taking Bridget to a doctors appt 2 hours from home. Being a bit nervous she talked for 2 hours straight. I didn't say more than "yeah" or "uhhah" for the whole trip. While I was sitting in the doctors office I knew I could never love anyone as much as I loved her, and wanted to marry her. But having only told her I loved her the week before I knew it was too soon. On the way home I knew I couldn't wait. When I asked she wept and finally nodded "YES"!
The Trace's Story!
Sherry & Clifford met at work. They were friends first and later they became attracted to each other. They began flirting and Sherry was the one who asked Cliff out on their first date.

For their second date, Sherry invited Cliff over to eat. He came and brought his son. Sherry also has two sons. The two love birds watched movies while the boys were outside, peeking in the windows to see if they could catch the two of them kissing.

One weekend after two years of dating, they just wanted to get away, so they just ended up going to Muskogee. Unknown to Sherry, Cliff had bought "The Ring"! While in the Jacuzzi he proposed...of course she said "Yes".

Comments about Oak Crest:
"Thank you so much for the wonderful 2 days. You made our Wedding night so romantic. Everything was amazing, the food, rose petals, candles & music. You made us feel so welcome & comfortable.
We would definately recommend your place to anyone.
Thanks & God Bless,
Sherry & Cliff - Shawnee, OK

The Tyson's Story!
Pam and I had both tried the online dating sites, with no success. Our experiences with meeting others were so bad that we had decided, if the Lord had someone for us, he would bring that special someone into our lives. Within a day or two of staring the process of closing our dating profiles online, Pam's profile appeared. We lived 300 miles apart and she had put a 100 mile limit on her profile. We should not have seen each others profile.....and the rest is history. From the first time we met, we knew that the Lord had brought us together.

Pam had traveled to meet my daughter and her family. Afterwards we drove around for an hour. Then we set in her motel room and I began to talk, making my case of how the Lord brought us together and how much we loved each other. When finally, after another hour, Pam said "why don't you just ask me, please!" So I did and Pam said "YES, you could have asked me hours ago."

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages:
The wedding service in the Chapel was far more wonderful and intimate than we expected!
The Vann's Story!
Five years ago, my friend got her truck stuck in the mud. Brian came and pulled us out. We have been together ever since.

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages:
We loved the treehouse!!!! Ben & Dawn, you guys we're great. Thank you so much. Brian & Felicia Vann
The Ward's Story!
I moved into his old apartment, and he had blew up the AC in the 100 degree weather in Texas. So he invited me to stay with him until it got fixed. We fell for each other instantly. Our parents knew this would happen because they had tried to set up up for years!

Comments about Oak Crest:
"Wonderful! Great place to stay! Very relaxing and welcoming atmosphere! Thank You!"
The Ware's Story!
How did Houston & Leandra Meet?
Our married friends Tiffany & Dave introduced us. From the very beginning Dave practically had us married!

The Proposal!
Houston took me to Pete's Place in Krebs, OK. I would be trying lambfries for the first time. Houston made a joke it would be a lifechanging experience...and it was!

Comments about Oak Crest!
Oak Crest was peaceful and quaint and we will definitely recommend it to our friends...
You guys made our wedding memorable!
Thank you & God Bless.
Houston & Leandra Ware - OK
The Watts's Story!
I (we) just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful weekend and wedding. Everything was perfect - the cottage, the atmosphere, the hospitality, friendliness, ceremony, pictures, etc. We couldn't have asked for anything more. We will definitely not stay anywhere else when we're in or around Eureka Springs and will recommend Oak Crest Cottages to all our friends, however we don't have many. That must be my fault. It couldn't be Shawnda. Everyone loves her, including me.

As far as our "story," we met on an online dating site. That almost seems odd but I suppose it makes as much sense as the grocery store or a singles bar (not that we go to bars...). We started emailing, with me trying to impress her with my wit and vocabulary. I thought I could gain a leg-up before she saw what I looked like in person. Apparently it worked. She agreed to go out with me. Our first date was in Fayetteville and the next day I had a cookout and invited Shawnda and some friends, including a guy I've known since fourth grade. That leads to the funny dating story. Wayne is somewhat unabashed and asked Shawnda every personal question you can think of. I can't go into specifics or this couldn't be posted on a respectable website but suffice it to say that if she stayed with me after that cookout, things looked pretty positive. We continued dating, commuting two or three times a week between Bentonville, AR and Fort Gibson, OK, which is a two hour drive. We've been inseparable ever since.

I think I proposed to Shawnda a little over a hundred times, or at least we talked about it. We agreed that it would happen but didn't have concrete plans or a date set. We'd decided to spend a long weekend at Eureka Springs and while we were researching places to stay we noticed that Oak Crest Cottages looked awesome. We decided to research that further. I noticed that you also offered weddings. I thought about it throughout the day and decided, what better time or place? So, I proposed and suggested that we get married that weekend at Oak Crest. She agreed, thank God. It was simple, no pressure, no in-depth planning, no formality. Nothing but pure happiness and enjoyment.

You both made the whole experience memorable. You made us feel at ease and even laughed at our jokes. Admittedly, we were a bit nervous but that disappeared almost immediately. Don was so at ease that it transferred to us. We didn't want to leave. If you will give us jobs we'll just move in. Thanks again for everything. We will definitely be back and I hope sooner than later.

Dennis & Shawnda Watts
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