Wedding Stories - Spring

This is the content for the wedding stories of the spring.

The Akers Story!
How Did We Meet?

We met at work.

Funny Dating Story?

We went antiquing and purchased 41 varieties of seeds for our garden. She was like a kid in a candy store as she packed the seeds in each packet.

How Did He/She Propose?

He was holding me gently and says "I want to make you my wife" this was the best Christmas season.

Comments About Oak Crest Cottages/Eureka Springs Treehouse/Your Wedding etc:

This was the best option for our wedding. The venue is beautiful. Our minister had so much in common with us. It was God sent blessing.
The Bonner's Story!
How we met:
We were introduced by mutual friends at work. When we met it was love at first sight. It was truly a blessing from GOD!

The Proposal:
Phillip surprised me by kneeling down on one knee on my Birthday last year...

Comments about Oak Crest:
We had an incredible romantic night with the candlelight and wine. We were very pleased with our ceremony. It was perfect. Thanks for an amazing Wedding & Honeymoon!
Pearl & Phillip Bonner - Ada, OK
The Bullen's Story!
We met over twenty years ago via some good friends, but never really connected. Last March, one of those same friends connected us and we have never been apart since. Now we have six children between us and a very busy life, but we are blessed!

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages:
We enjoyed every minute of our stay. We are hoping to make it back again in the fall. We were looking for a simple wedding. It was wonderful to get everything we wanted and more!!
The Bush's Story!
Thank you for a perfect Wedding Ceremony & beautiful weekend!
We will be back again!
Thanks again, Jenn & Jeff Bush
The Cross's Story!
We are so happy we choose Oak Crest Tree House Cottages. I had planned everything months ahead. I had surprizes for Misty around many corners during our honeymoon. I cannot even begin to tell you how you made everything so picture perfect. I'm a very romantic kinda guy and ya'll helped me see that it was a heaven on earth experience. I can talk for hours and hours how everything was so beautiful. Thank You so very much. William Cross.
The Cumley Story!
How we met:

Yancey has a flooring company. I was opening a beauty salon for my daughter there to manage. He came to the salon to give me an estimate on new flooring. Three years later we met up, and it was perfect timing. Started with a bon fire, got hotter from there. Ha Ha!

The Proposal:

We were sitting on my love seat at my house.

Comments about Oak Crest:

The Treehouse is awesome, very clean. Our Wedding was short and sweet, photos were very good. We returned to our treehouse after the wedding, it was amazing. I will recommend anyone to stay here. It was perfect for our special day, and to begin our lives together as husband and wife.
The Edmondson's Story!
Thank you so much for our perfect wedding and treehouse. We can't wait to come back to Eureka Springs every year!
The Gary's Story!
Robert & Tracy met thru their sons who were in pre-K together. Their sons are now age nine. Over the years they constantly crossed paths. They believe that their sons both pulled this one off. If it hadn't been for both their boys they would have never met.

When it came time for Robert to propose...He wanted to do something really special. They came and stayed at a place that over looked Beaver Lake. It started to snow, which covered the ground and trees. It was such a romantic time. Robert proposed while on that trip and they decided right then that they would return to Eureka Springs and marry.

Comments about Oak Crest:
"Oak Crest really made our wedding feel special and unique. They made us feel like family and at home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Mr. and Mrs. Don Harden.
We'll see you next year for our Anniversary."
Robert & Tracy Gary - Broken Arrow, OK

The Humphries's Story!
On Alexa's & Seth's first date they stopped by Burger King to get something to eat. They ordered cheeseburgers in the drive-thru. Seth turned to Alexa and said, "What do you want on your burger?" She answered, "Mustard, ketchup, pickle." A look of amazement burst onto his face, as he asked, "Will you be my wife?" It turns out that was the only way he would have his cheeseburger and he had never known anyone else to like it that way.

Seth called Alexa on a Friday while she was at work to tell her that she had 3 hours to get dressed up to go out and that he would be in the driveway to pick her up. Three hours later, there he was to pick her up looking great, all dressed up in his best clothes. Alexa's mind was working overtime thinking, "He has been at work all day. How does he look so nice? How did he get thoses clothes out of the house? Where are we going?" What she didn't realize was that he had enlisted the help of her mom & grandma to pull off this surprise romantic evening. They went to eat a candlelight dinner at the nicest place in town. After a wonderful romantic dinner, they walked outside to leave. Seth opened the door for her to get into his Jeep and before getting into it, she turned around to kiss him. After they kissed, he looked at her and said, "You know that I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life showing you that love." Then he got down on one knee and said, "Will you marry me?" Her eyes fill with tear as she said, "Yes!"

Comments about Oak Crest:
"We love the City Loft! It is beautiful!
We throughly enjoyed our stay at Oak Crest. We will always treasure the memory of our wedding performed on the deck of our treehouse on a cool March morning. Thank you...
Alexa & Seth Humphries - Monroe, LA

The Jackman's Story!
We went to high school together and were friends. Then we both ended up working at the same restaurant and started dating. On our first date, he took me mudding in his truck, and I wrecked it - but he didn't mind, he just doesn't let me drive any more! We both proposed to each other numerous times :-) and we just recently decided it was time to tie the knot.

About our stay and Wedding - everything was amazing!!!
The Kistler's Story!
"Thank you so much for making our wedding and stay better than we could have imagined. We love it so much there we can't wait to come back. We really didn't want to leave. Everyone was so helpful and so nice. Everything was so perfect thank you so much and see you soon."
Daniel and Vicki Kistler from Claremore, Oklahoma
The Martell's Story!
You made our Special Day perfect! We could not have been happier. Loved our Rock Cottage. Everyone was very nice! It was a great experience, and we will be back!
The Moorhouse's Story!
How Brian & Kyla Met!
Brian was working as a bailiff in a criminal courtroom and Kyla as a criminal defense attorney. After Kyla walked in the courtroom their eyes locked and they were inseperable. They defied the odds of such a funny duo - a police officer and a defense attorney.

A Funny Dating Story!
One night Brian took Kyla to a park to go look at stars. He didn't realize that the park actually closed at a certain time and locked the gates on the road. When he tried to leave they were stuck! With some quick thinking Brian found a way to off-road around the gate and get them out.

The Proposal!
Brian proposed over a romantic dinner.

Comments about Oak Crest:
Wedding was everything expected and more. Would recommend Oak Crest to anyone who wants a memorable experience...
Kyla & Brian Moorhouse - Nevada, MO

The Pate's Story!
Justin & Emily met when they were in 6th grade on Halloween night. Justin's cousin lived in Emily's neighborhood and went to her school. Justin & his cousin stopped by Emily's house so Justin could meet her and for the next couple of years they were sweethearts. Then they fell apart before high school and met up online a couple years later. From that first night that their eyes met again, they knew it was meant to be.

Not long after they had found each other again, they were watching a movie at Justin's mom's house & they were chatting small talk through out the movie and Emily guesses that because all the right things were being said, Justin looked into her eyes, gave her a kiss and said, "I want to marry you, you are my everything and I can't spend my life without you." Of course Emily cried and nodded her head agreeing with him and they cuddled up & that was that.

Comments about Oak Crest:
"It was so beautiful, Don & Elaine made our stay wonderful. The chapel was breathtaking. The decorating in our treehouse was amazing. We didn't want to leave. Thank you so much for making this a weekend that will always be remembered & for making our wedding unforgettable."
Emily & Justin Pate - Tulsa, OK

The Rameriz's Story!
"We absolutely loved our stay in the Winery Chateau! Everything was so nice! Don & Elaine are the sweetest people ever! Thanks for everything. We will definately be back and will recommend to everyone to come here!"
Nick & Amy Rameriz
The Reese Story!
We met online on E-Harmony. We were really lucky because I had 7 days left on the site. When I was matched with Dustin, he had just signed up.

Dustin proposed on Christmas morning 2010. He wrapped my ring up as a Christmas present.

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages:
We loved it here. We had such a relaxing time. Our wedding was just what we wanted. It was small & romantic. The cottages were lovely. We liked the privacy.
The Sanstra's Story!
Jack and I were introduced by his cousin. Right from the start there was a special connection between the two of us. One of our first trips together was a camping trip, and although our campsite was a giant mud puddle, we had a wonderful time and our bond deepened.

As we started to make plans for our nuptials we knew we wanted a special getaway for just the two of us in a natural setting. Internet searches brought us back time and time again to your site.

We had the most wonderful experience at your cottage. You both were warm and friendly throughout our stay. The treehouse was a special and joyful home away from home for us both. From the very minute we arrived there, everything just felt right. We especially loved the seclusion and serenity of our stay. We love nature and our treehouse was excellent for viewing it in a peaceful setting. Seeing a deer graze in the woods below our deck in the morning was one of our favorite memories. The amenities of town were close-by yet we also felt like we had an oasis all to ourselves when we returned.

It was the prefect setting for our union. It was a peaceful and relaxing time. The wedding ceremony was gracious and pleasant. We loved the way the room was staged when we returned as a newlywed couple. It was just perfect. We could not have asked for more. You made us feel at home and welcomed at every moment of our stay, from the time we arrived, throughout the wedding ceremony, and until we departed.

Thank you for all that you provided and did during our stay. The love and joy you conveyed was the perfect way for us to begin our lives as husband and wife. We will always cherish our memories of Oak Crest Cottages and look forward to returning to make more.

Thanks again,
Jack and Tiffanni Sanstra
The Stephens's Story!
We met at a Dance Club when we were 18 years old. We were together our Senior year of High School, but went our seperate ways when Nikki went off to College. We both got married. Then 7 years later we found each other again while both going through divorces.

Our funny dating story:
We went one evening to do some Crappie fishing, way out in the boonies. It took some off-roading to get there. Jason ended up getting my Jeep stuck. It took the tow guy 5 vehicles to get us unstuck. He ended up with a few stuck in the process. It took 13 hours to get us out of there.

Jason proposed twice. The first time, we were out for dinner. The second time, he had our son, Easton, bring me a card asking, "Mommy would you please go with Daddy to Eureka Springs to become his wife."

Comments about Oak Crest:
"The Treehouse was perfect. Our Wedding was so cute and personal. The Romance Package afterward was beautiful! The staff was very friendly! We will be back!"
The Swarthout's Story!
Becky just started working where James worked and she was operating one of the machines. James commented to her what a good job she had found. (He had forgotten for the moment that he had a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket upside down on his head!") He was fighting boredom and she was impressed.
These two are incredibly similar in many many ways. They share a nearly psychic mental process, nearly always thinking the same things at the same time. There is a big age difference between them (23 years). It does cause people to lift an eyebrow, but it is obvious that they are a matched set.
When it came time to propose, they were in the parking lot after work...
James says "Will you marry me?" and Becky said "Yes".

Comments about Oak Crest:
"I don't thnk either of us has ever had more fun. Everything was perfect. Don & Elaine are very special & very genuine people. There is an aura of peace & joy here. We'll be back. Thank you.
Becky & James Swarthout - Tulsa, OK

The Teel's Story!
We met at a park in Miami, Oklahoma. We started talking and just hit it off. That then led to phone numbers exchanged, and one date led to the next.

A funny dating story we have, one Saturday night we had a date night planned for dinner and the drive-in theater. We had a wonderful meal, and went on to the drive-in. We pulled in and got in the back of his truck and started watching the movie. Toward the end of the first movie, it started raining on us, so we finished out that movie and hopped into the truck. Then we decided to get popcorn, because it had quit raining. We walked to the concession, and by the time we got done, it was pouring. We ran all the way to the truck and got in and watched the last movie through the rain and windshield wipers.

When Jeremy proposed, he took me out to dinner, then to some little league baseball games. (Little did I know this was to stall me). He had one of his students go to his house and set up candles that spelled out 'I love you', along with rose petals and music playing in the background. When he finally took me back to his house, I heard music and asked what that noise was. That 'noise' was the song 'Marry Me' by Train. We walked onto the deck, where candles burned and music played, and he got down on one knee and gave the sweetest proposal ever.

Our Treehouse and Wedding were PERFECT. Don and Elaine have done a wonderful job, and continue to do so, making you feel very special. Tammy is by far the friendliest hostess ever!! Loved her and we loved our stay. Our plans are to come back every year!
The Tourtillotte's Story!
Trey and I were introduced through our children who were friends. Knowing us like they did, they were sure we would hit it off.
My daughter & her friend (who had already known Trey for quite some time thru his 2 sons) persuaded me to have dinner with them at Trey's house. Trey & I both had decided before we met that we were content on being single. So after several attempts to avoid/ignore/deny any feelings of being encompassed by the huge wave of love I gave in and let go and am now experiencing the most wonderful journey and have captured the unobtainable MYTHICAL THING called LOVE.

Comments about Oak Crest:
"From the moment of arrival everything continued to make us say "WOW". We love, love, loved it! Very laid back, quiet and our hosts were fantastic. Would strongly recommend.
Thank y'all so much."
Trey & SeAnn Tourtillotte - Hensley, AR
The Williams's Story!
Everything was Awesome! Thank You!
Brian & Cindy Williams
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