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The Austin's Story!
Ashley & her roomate were enjoying some drinks at a local bar when this very drunk lady sat in the booth next to them. One of the ladies was alittle too chatty, so Ashley to get out of an awkward situation said "I need to meet a nice guy!" The lady said "OK!" So she started bringing gentlemen to Ashley's table saying, "This is a guy!" Ashley was so embarassed. Finally the lady said "Ashley come here". Ashly reluntantly did and she brought her to Shawn's table and said, "Shawn this is Ashley, Ashley this is Shawn!" (She didn't know Shawn either!) She then says "Shawn, Ashley would you like to get laid?!?" Ashley couldn't not believe what she just hear and calmly went over and introduced herself to Shawn and returned to her seat. About an hour later Shawn sent drinks over to her table and well...the rest is history.

They bought a house and prior to moving into it, Shawn took Ashley over to it and got down on one knee in the middle of the living room and said "We may not live here forever but we will have some really great memories here. Ashley will you marry me?" Ashley says it was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard.

Comments about Oak Crest:
"It was everything we ever wanted in a Wedding. It was perfect! I wouldn't have changed one thing."
Ashley & Shawn Austin - Columbia, MO

The Brody's Story!
How did Mike & Zan meet?
We met on We were each others #1 Match. We talked online, met in real life, fell in love at first site and nine months later here we are.

The Proposal
One day the topic of marriage came up & we were so in love & so comfortable together and so lined up that we just started talking about how we would get married. Then we both agreed we should do it. It was totally nonchalant & natural.

Comments about Oak Crest
Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding & great pictures. We couldn't think of a better way to start our marriage. We loved our stay here, the treehouse is amazing!
Zan & Mike - Minneapolis, MN

The Cook's Story!
How did you meet?
Tom and I met in elementary school when I moved to his hometown. Although we played together a lot as kids, we never grew up to date each other. After graduation, we went our different ways and never saw each other again for almost 30 years. Then one day, I ran into one of his six sisters at Walmart and she told Tom I had gotten a job at the YMCA. A few days later he walked through the door and into my heart. Six years later, we made it official.

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages & Your Wedding:
We have had a fantastic experience here. Our wedding ceremony in the Chapel was short and sweet, but still very meaningful. Amanda did an awesome job taking pictures. After going out for dinner, we came back to a beautifully decorated room with candles, rose petals, music, and champagne. We enjoyed the whole experience and wouldn't have changed anything. Thank You!

The Cuccar's Story!
Tina and mark met on eHarmony.
Proposal was on Valentines Day the old fashioned way down on one knee.

Comments about Oak Crest:
"Only place I have ever stayed that looks like the pictures. Very nice & perfect view from the Treehouses.
Can't wait to come back next fall.
Tina & Mark Cuccar

The Greene's Story!
We went on a trip to Broken Bow Oklahoma and rented a log cabin with family and friends it was in April of this year. We all loaded up and went to eat at the Gratefulhead pizza and that is where Michael got down on one knee and proposed.

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages: We had a wonderful wedding and made some beautiful memories. We will most assuredly be back. We loved it here!

The Harmon's Story!
Kerri and Robert met in a AOL chat room. Robert liked Kerri's screen name so they started chatting. It didn't take long before they began talking on the phone. They would spend HOURS on the phone. Both of them were going through divorces at the time and felt a real connection with each other. They planned to meet one night, and were inseparable ever since.

They were celebrating Kerri's birthday (nearly 7 years ago). Kerri sat on Robert's lap, snuggling as he proposed. Of course she said, "Yes".

Comments about Oak Crest Cottages....
"We enjoyed our private and quaint wedding. Your excitement about marrying us made us feel really special. The cottage was so romantic that we can't wait to visit again! Thank you for everything!"
Kerri & Robert Harmon - Oklahoma City, OK

The Jones's Story!
Shaun and I met at a high school party. We went to different schools and a mutual friend thought we might like each other. We actually didn't meet that night, but we met EYES. We actually met the next weekend at another party at Hunter's Park. 17 years later on Christmas evening Shaun brought me back to Hunter's Park, got down on one knee, and said, Sarah this is where we met, I loved you then, and I love you know, and then asked me to be his wife. I said YES!! Yes, 17 years. So it took us awhile. We've always known we would be together forever, and finally decided to make the final commitment and get married. I'm so glad we did. Now it's time to start our family. :)

Comments About Oak Crest
Thank you both for making this an amazing weekend for us. We couldn't have asked for any thing more to make our wedding day more perfect. Thank you so much, Shaun and Sarah Kinnard

The Mesa's Story!
Coatney's roommate Sean worked at the same bike store as Joe. One day...Coatney went and rode with Sean & Julie around Lake Hefner. About half way around Sean pulls up to Coatney & says that one of the guys he worked with wanted to meet me. So they go about 3 more miles & Coatney is thinking that he wasn't going to show up. Then out of nowhere he rides ups & starts talking to Sean & Julie. (Coatney thought he had a cute butt!!!) Then he introduced himself & that is where it all began.
When it came time to propose they were just sitting on the couch & Joey looked at Coatney and said, "Baby, I love you...will you marry me?" Well obviously she said "Yes" and they tied the knot at Oak Crest!

Comments about Oak Crest:
"Everything was perfect. Everyone was extremely friendly. The ceremony was short & sweet and I wouldn't change anything. Thank you for giving us an amazing Wedding & Honeymoon."
Coatney & Joey Mesa - Oklahoma City, OK

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