The Winery Chateau Treehouse

* King bed * Jacuzzi for 2 * 40' Flat Panel TV * DVD player * Deck * Wireless Internet
The Winery Chateau Treehouse
The Winery Chateau Treehouse
The Winery Chateau Treehouse
The Winery Chateau Treehouse

"The Winery Chateau Treehouse" features a Jacuzzi for 2, Fireplace and Air Conditioning (in season only ) , Living Room with 40" Flat Panel TV and DVD player, Kitchenette with Refrigerator, Microwave & Coffeemaker with coffee & a Bedroom with a KING BED and Cable TV/DVD.
And to top it all off a wonderful deck with a glider swing, bistro table & chairs and High Speed Internet Access of course!

The story of how the Winery Chateau Treehouse began is quite a long one…so for those of you who just want to know what amenities it has I’ve listed those first.

Winery Chateau Treehouse features a Jacuzzi for 2, Fireplace and Air Conditioning (in season only ) , Living Room with 40" Flat Panel TV with DVD player, Kitchenette with Refrigerator, Microwave & Coffeemaker with coffee & a Bedroom with a King Bed and Cable TV/DVD, bathroom with a stall shower. And to top it all off a wonderful deck and High Speed Internet Access of course!

For those of you who want to read about how it became the Winery Chateau Treehouse please read on…
Verona was a must while we were in Italy! I just had to stand on Juliet’s Balcony! Well it is in question if it is the real balcony, much less even a real story…but real or not you’ve got to admit that it has to be one of the most romantic love stories of all time…tragic yes…but oh so romantic.

So you say what does this have to do with the Winery Chateau…well I was getting to that.
Our goal when we travel is to not plan anything and just be where you are at when you are there. So we are wandering Verona’s little alleyways and see this little store front with people lined up to get in. Next thing we knew we were in line too! Just about to get the most incredible gelato on earth! Well I have to admit I haven’t experienced every gelato shop on earth, but I can’t imagine that it could get any better than this! OH MY…

If you are ever in Verona ask a local “Gelateria”? It is easier than saying where is Artigianale Ponte Pietra. There are quite a few Gelato shops in Verona, but the locals know where the best one is, not to mention ½ the price of the tourist gelato shops! See another reason to get off the tourist path!

Anyway, back to how the Winery Chateau came about. While standing in line we got to talking to an Italian woman who spoke pretty good English. She proceeds to tell us that we must go to her cousin’s winery. We explain that we are on foot and she says oh you can reach it by bus and that it will be such a wonderful trip and it is such a beautiful winery!

So why not, lets go to Sylvia’s Cousin’s Winery! We follow her directions and catch the Number 24 bus. She tells us to tell the driver to stop at Sylvia’s Cousin’s Winery, which we did. So we’re thinking that it is just a regular stop. WRONG… the bus stops and the driver opens the door and points to us and says Sylvia’s cugino Cantina. We exit the bus, it speeds away as all vehicles seem to do in Italy and we look around and are at the end of a dirt road with a sign that says The Vigento Cantina with an arrow pointing down the dirt road.

Now what… well there isn’t much else to do, so we follow the arrow and within about 30 minutes of walking the dirt road we discovered what we felt had to be the most wonderful little Winery/Vineyard in all of Italy! We were greeted by Sylvia’s cousin (believe it or not Max ) who spoke excellent English. We walked the vineyard and sampled the sweet grapes of this little piece of heaven in the “Winery”. The Winery was not your typical grandiose structure, it was just an old barn that had been converted.

Two hours later we started to worry about catching the bus back. Max said “No worries” I’ll drive you back into town, you must stay for supper! We ended up dining with Max and his family including his grandmother and great uncle! We kept saying you don’t need to go to all this trouble. Max said this is no trouble, this is how we eat every day!

The Winery’s big barn doors were open overlooking the vineyards. We all sat at a big long table. It didn’t matter that Max was the only one in his family that spoke English, we just all somehow communicated with one another. There were no lights just candles that seemed to dance on the well worn wood that had been polished over the years. I swear it was like being on a movie set.

Driving back into town Max shared his dream that someday he was going to build a Chateau on the hill overlooking the vineyard. I said don’t you mean a Villa? He said no Grandma wants a Chateau like she saw in the South of France. She says Villas are for poor Italians…Chateaus are for rich Italians! I told him that he already had his very own Winery Chateau, that nothing could be better than what he had. What a wonderful strange experience it all was.

So with that…Max we dedicate the Winery Chateau to you and grandma and hope someday we’ll all meet again.

So ok… Max isn’t here and you aren’t in Italy, but Eureka Springs offers its very own Keels Creek Winery which is just 3 miles away. An intimate spot to do a little sampling and maybe even shop their wonderful Art Gallery.

So…buy that special bottle of the bubbly and return to your Winery Chateau and enjoy making your very own special memories!

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FOR ALL THE CHATEAU TREEHOUSES (These are the Treehouses at our Oak Crest property ) - they have a series of stairs, steps & bridges. Just know that you maybe winded climbing these. Due to safety reasons be advised that you do not wear heels. Also luggage will have to be carried, so we suggest to pack light. If you do have luggage with wheels, you will not be able to use them as this will damage the wooden steps. If you do tend to bring ALOT of stuff, we suggest to bring it in several pieces of luggage rather than one big piece. If you need help with your luggage just ask, we will be more than happy to help transport your luggage for you, as long as it is of reasonable weight.

FOR ALL THE EUREKA SPRINGS TREEHOUSES: VENICE, SANTA FE, CENTRAL PARK, PARIS & MANHATTAN TREEHOUSES - they are an easier approach with less stairs then all the Chateau's at Oak Crest.

Guest Comments:
"...We had the most wonderful experience at your cottage. You both were warm and friendly throughout our stay. The treehouse was a special and joyful home away from home for us both. From the very minute we arrived there everything just felt right. We especially loved the seclusion and serenity of our stay. We love nature and our treehouse was excellent for viewing it in a peaceful setting. Seeing a deer graze in the woods below our deck in the morning was one of our favorite memories. The amenities of town were close-by yet we also felt like we had an oasis all to ourselves when we returned...
We will always cherish our memories of Oak Crest Cottages and look forward to returning to make more."
Thanks again - Jack and Tiffanni Sanstra

"We love the Winery Chateau Treehouse. The colors and style are amazing. It's the perfect place to get away and enjoy peace and relaxation.
We have enjoyed every minute of our stay here and will definately recommend this place to others. We also plan to come back to share the experience again!"
Tim & Chris Fowler - Raytown, MO

"We are definately coming back. We were so amazed by the Treehouse. It is awesome and we really enjoyed the privacy. I would recommend "Winery Chateau Treehouse" and to stay at Oak Crest Cottages to anyone. Don & Elaine are so very nice and heartwarming. We really appreciate all they did to help make our Wedding Day special and our Honeymoon stay spectacular."
Jodi & Mike Leverton - Ozark, MO

"Thank you so much! This has been so much fun for Jordan and I. The stresses of graduate school just seem to melt away here. It was great to get away to such a beautiful and peaceful place. Neither Jordan nor I ever got a treehouse when we were little and this definately fulfilled a little dream of hers and mine. I would venture a guess that we would never have had a cuter treehouse as kids too!
Also, thank you for your dining suggestions around town. They were right on...
Thanks again for making this Spring Break so relaxing and fun. Hope to see you again soon!"
Eryn & Jordan

"We wanted to thank you for providing such a lovely place to stay in Eureka! We loved it! We stayed in Winery Chateau Treehouse and were absolutely impressed with privacy. We loved that! We will recommend you to everyone we know! We are also excited about your new endevor in building more treehouses in another location. We will keep checking your website for more information. Thanks again -- and we WILL be back sometime soon!"
Troy and Fonda Jones - Drumright, OK


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