The Mountain Chalet











Now for those of you who are wondering why we named this the Mountain Chalet let me explain...
When we (Don & Elaine) went to England we went on several unescorted walking tours. Unescorted is where you hike from Inn to Inn and your luggage is transferred for you or it is when you take day hikes out of your self-catering cottage.
We had requested that our hikes be no longer then 6 to 10 miles per day. 

On this particular hike we had no idea what to expect as today our hike was ending at “The Mountain Chalet”. So we assumed the end of the hike would be pretty strenuous. Our walk began thru a valley being surrounded by hundreds of trees with dappled sunlight coming through their massive branches, the terrain was pretty level. 

We pass our last marker that lets us know that we are about one mile from “The Mountain Chalet”. 
We're thinking oh boy... Since we had been hiking through a valley for 5 hours, any minute we’ll be hiking up the side of the mountain to reach our destination. The trail continues to meander thru the valley and we turn a bend and there sits the “Mountain Chalet”!

What a welcoming surprise it was, we were so happy that we didn’t have to hike up to the top of a mountain to reach it. 
We asked the hostess how the name "Mountain Chalet" came about. She looked at us rather funny and said, "Did you see the mountain outside" and proceeded to point to the window where you could view the mountains in the distance. Well duh...

We soon discover that it is a well know English Tea Room noted for its scones and clotted cream. So now we are really excited in anticipation of experiencing our first English tea! 

After spending four months in England, it never ceased to amaze us how out in the middle of nowhere there would always be a Tea Room filled with patrons!

So we dedicate our Mountain Chalet in fond memory of our trip to England. With its warm red exterior, its cozy cottage feel with burgundy walls and now with bringing the nature in with the 3 wonderfully big trees... 

I will never forget that walk through that forest and sitting in front of the fireplace sipping my English tea and experiencing my first taste of England’s amazing clotted cream and learning their defination of a "Mountain Chalet!" 

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